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Sport in the Environment of National Minorities

Between Integration, Assimilation and Linguistic Diversity

The aim of the project is to create the collaborative partnerships between sports clubs and organizations, which are active in the social environment of different national and ethnic minorities. Networking has its origin in several transnational project meetings (meeting of each partner organized) in order to promote sport and health.


Our project

Participants will not only be engaged in the realization of the project people, but also people who work in those sports clubs that are active in the field of national minorities in other European countries. Each meeting will last 3 days and there are about 12 people attend.

Our project

To strengthen the cooperation, an Internet contact platform will be develop. The target group of this web-side will be all national and ethnic minorities from all Europe.

Our project

As a summary of the project, we are planning an international athletic meeting for children. During the event, many teams from different national minorities can meet, kids will play sports, and trainers and staff will join and exchange experiences.


Niemieckie Towarzystwo Oświatowe (German Educational Society), is an association active in the community of Germans living in Poland in the Upper Silesia region. This organization is specializing in educational opportunities, school projects and sport involvement. It implements projects that combines education and physical activity. It also works for multiculturalism and the consistent cooperation of all residents of Silesia region.


The project's partners are 4 organizations active in communities of national and ethnic minorities in various European countries.



Europe network

Our network is open. We invite all sports clubs and organizations to work together, as well as trainers, players, activists, and volunteers who are active in the national and ethnic minority environments.

  • German Educational Assotiation

    Germans from Poland -

  • University of the Basque Country

    Basque ethnic group from Spain -

  • We are waiting for you!!!

    Do you work for a sports club or for an association which is related to a national or ethnic minority? You are welcome!!!

  • Asociatia Pentru Tineret si Sport ERDELY- Ifjusagi es Sport Egyesulet

    Hungarians from Romania

  • FK Polonija Vilnius

    Football club based in Vilnius, Lithuania, formed by Poles from Vilnius.

  • Makkabi Deutschland

    Network of Jewish sports clubs in Germany

  • Polonia Chmielnicki

    Polish Football Club from Ukraine

  • Hasmonea Wrocław

    Jewish Sports Club led by Cukunft Jewish Association in Poland.


  • Poland

    12-14 March 2018

    The inaugural meeting took place in Poland - in Wrocław and Opole. In addition to the German minority, also activists from the organization Hasmonea Wrocław ( a Jewish sports club, referring to the sports tradition of Jews from Lviv ) got involved in the organisation of the seminar.

  • Germany

    06-08 July 2018

    We have planned further meetings in Frankfurt am Main. The host will be Makkabi Deutschland, central of reviving Jewish sports club. Everyone is welcome!!

  • Lithuania


    The third successive meeting will be held in the capital of Lithuania - Vilnius. The partner of our project will present the history and present of the Polonia Vilnius, as well as activities aimed at maintaining the identity of the Polish minority in Lithuania. Everyone is welcome!!

  • Poland


    Youth Sport meeting Sport tournaments for youth from several national minorities: football tournament and cultural activities.

  • Spain


    Basques is an ethnic group associated with football and pelota. It is also a model for many Europeans how to take care of language, tradition and culture. Everyone is welcome!!

  • Romania


    The hosts of the last meeting will be Hungarians living in Cluj-Napoca in Romania. It is a multicultural region in which people of several nationalities live and practice sport. It will also be a seminar summarizing our project.

Best projects

During the scheduled meetings, we will get to know and exchange ideas and experiences from the realisation of sports projects implemented in national minority environments.


The result of the project will be a list of good practices carried out either by the partners themselves and also all around the world, intended to promote social inclusion, linguistic diversity, ethnic identity and solving cross-border threats for the integrity of sport (violence, racism, hate-speech).

Do you want to post your project here? Contact us !!